Wild Lather

Sequoia (Seasonal Collab with DEHV Candles) Triangle Soap


In collaboration with DEHV candles, this seasonal scent has returned from the forest just in time for warm baths on cool, autumn nights. Made with a coniferous blend of organic balsam fir, wild black spruce, wild cedarwood, organic lavender, and a hint of warm, spicy coriander seed ~ this soap has a gentle scrubbiness from finely ground black walnut hull gently swirled into our creamy plant oils.

Approx 3 oz

Vegan, Palm-Free, Cruelty-Free

INGREDIENTS: Saponified Organic Shea Butter, Certified California Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, and Organic Castor Oil; Kaolin Clay; Ground Black Walnut Hull; A Unique Blend of Steam-Distilled Essential Oils* (*Organic or Sustainably Wild Harvested)

Handmade in SoCal.