Mar Mar

Saint-Martin Candle


Embodies the spirit of smoky late-night walks down the tree-lined canal of Saint-Martin in Paris. 

SCENT: Smoky, Intense, Spicy  (Hashish, Nag Champa, Mesquite, Vervaine)

Coconut Wax with cotton wick

8 oz in reusable glass vessel/ ships in reusable mud-dyed cotton pouch

40 hr burn time

Hand poured in LA by Light 4 Life and The Exceptional Children's Foundation, an organization that provides jobs for adults with disabilities. 

A few tips to ensure optimal burning: Trim wick to 1/4" before burning every time. Burn for 2-4 hours every time, allowing the wax to liquify from edge to edge to avoid tunneling. 

(photo credit Mar Mar)