Sun Sister

Rose Hydrosol

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A blend of three delicate, aromatic floral waters gentle enough for sensitive skin conditions, Rose Mist soothes, replenishes, and tonifies skin for a calm, renewed glow. Essential oil free. For all skin types.

SCENT: Floral, verdant, a touch of earthy spice

59 ml Glass Bottle

Organic. Vegan.

INGREDIENTS: Rose hydrosol, calendula hydrosol, helichrysum hydrosol

USE: Spray liberally onto skin anytime throughout the day.

PRO-TIP: Use Sun Sister's Floral Serum + Hydrosol together for deeper absorption and to help restore the skin's protective hydrolipidic barrier. Mix serum with several sprays of hydrosol between hands before massaging into damp skin.

Handcrafted in Miami

(photo #2 credit Sun Sister)