Radiant Body Skincare

Rose Hydrosol


A gentle reminder of the sweetness of life, Rose Hydrosol is a delicate way to start your morning, or to restart your day. Good for all skin types. Infused with Rose Quartz, powerful harmonizer of the body’s subtle energies. It is known for reconnecting us to love by removing the emotional wounds and beliefs that keep us from believing in it. Rose quartz heals and rejuvenates the skin by reminding us what it feels like to be in love.

WHAT IS HYDROSOL? a flower water used for aromatherapy or as a toner after cleansing. They contain gentle essential oils that are delicate enough to not disrupt the pH balance of delicate facial skin. Hydrosols contain all of the plant in every drop. Like a hologram, they are the three-dimensional incarnation of the plant from which they were culled.

Ingredients: Steamed Distilled *Rose Petals (Infused with Rose Quartz)(* Organic)

2 oz


Hand Blended in Los Angeles, CA


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ROSEWATER: Hydrating, revitalizing, moisturizing, rosewater refreshes the skin, aids in healing scars, and regenerates skin tissues. Rosewater cleans pores and tones the skin while helping maintain the skin's pH balance.