Something Good is dedicated to supporting talented women who inspire us, not only through their products, but their own personal journeys to get where they are now. We want you to know that every single one of these women is incredible, and we are grateful they have allowed us to share their products with you. We hope you are inspired by them as much as we are. 

Our products are carefully curated and we make sure to do all of the necessary steps to make you feel comfortable in your purchases. Our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, US-made, and majority are vegan (if they are not, we are sure to note!). We support local, small-batch, and shopping small. 

As with self-care, the business is always a work in progress. We are currently online only, but have so many dreams and ambitions with a goal of growing to give back. We can only grow by staying humble, being kind, and listening to our tribe (you!). Whether you have good or not-so-good feedback, it is all welcome. We know there will be bumps along the way but are dedicated to being as transparent as we can with you. 



We all need SOMETHING GOOD in our lives! We want to LISTEN to something good. We want to TASTE something good. We want to DO something good. We want to BE something good. We all LOVE something good. 



Hello! I am so happy you found us and grateful to meet you! I am Heather, the founder of Something Good. I honestly still feel like I am pinching myself...is this all a dream? I had this major download of clarity over Covid, and I realized that all I needed was to allow myself to be vulnerable,  have fun, and just make sh*t happen! So, here I am, being open to anything that comes my way, good or not-so-good, and inviting you to join me along the way. 

While Something Good is a humble start, my intentions are to be able to grow and give back to organizations that are near and dear to my heart- those that care for animals, the planet, equal-opportunity and the growth of our young entrepreneurs.