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Matcha Smoothie

Matcha Smoothie

Ohhhhh I love a good smoothie any time of year. Being plant-based, I need to get protein somewhere, so I love a good protein smoothie. In fact, I am a protein powder snob that I get this delicious one shipped to me in bulk from the UK. Hey, if it's my go-to breakfast, it better be as tasty as can be!

This has become one of my favorite smoothies over the past few months. I think I went through a bag of the Golde's Matcha Turmeric in 2 weeks making these daily. 


5 ice cubes

50 g vanilla protein powder (see what your scoop is that came in your mix, my scoops are 25g each)

1 small banana (I usually go with about 60g of a banana)

10 oz almond milk (I use unsweetened Califia Farms)*

3/4- 1 Tbsp Golde's Matcha Turmeric Powder (I just do a giant spoonful)

Handful of spinach


Blend all together! If it's too thick, add more milk* to get to your liking!